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MATCH Pewter is handmade in northern Italy, in family-owned workshops, by artisans who have honed their craft using methods gleaned over many generations. In their skilled hands, this understated yet luxurious material is fashioned into modern heirlooms that are both functional and decorative.

Match’s ongoing success is a testament to, yes, the product itself, but also the people, from the artisans who hand make each piece to the staff both here and in Italy

Pewter has been used for over 3,500 years to make objects – one of the earliest known pieces was found in an Egyptian tomb dating to 1450 bc. 

"They are meant to stand the test of time"

Match designs are rooted in classic European forms from the 14th through 19th centuries.

While some have been slightly refashioned to suit today’s homes and entertaining styles, match pieces are not trendy — they are meant to stand the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically.

Many of match’s fda-approved, food-safe designs are cast from molds made from original antiques, with some of the more complicated pieces requiring as many as six molds to produce. These molds so accurately recreate the original that, on more than one occasion, a match piece has been mistaken for an antique, and even included in a book about antique pewter.

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