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Maryellen & Adam - Lake Placid Lodge

Working with clients who live outside of the US is always tricky and becoming more and more a part of our routine.  Thanks to MaryEllen and Adam we have it down!  A larger group than normal was about to attend a wedding weekend at the Lake Placid Lodge and we needed to make some space to ensure the reception space could accommodate  more that we could squeeze in the walls. What do we do? Make it happen! We worked with the Lodge, the client, and Clifton Park Rental Center months in advance to wind up with perfection! The best part was when the guests left the ceremony space, went upstairs to have a drink and then returned to a completed ballroom with lush tables and even chandeliers were suddenly dropped from the ceiling. It’s awesome to watch peoples faces when they witness the unexpected, but even better for us when the couple is just glowing with the outcome of all the preparation.

Thank you to the talented Tracey Buyce for these wonderful photos and for being such a joy to work with.  Also, Greta at the Lake Placid Lodge, the team at Clifton Park Rental, and of course my team at Renaissance Floral Design.

Colors: soft subtle tones, warm and romantic, with hints of poppy & blue

Flowers: peony, cabbage roses, anemone, amaryllis, crab apple blossom, poppy, anemone

Style: slightly organic, more floral with pops of color

Renaissance Extras: half of the tables had a beautiful sand web linen with a blonde edged charger, the other half had the gorgeous metallic forest linen with our glass chargers. In the tent hung our spectacular O’Connor Chandeliers.

Congratulations MaryEllen and Adam!

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