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Mary & Drew - Lake Placid Wedding, Summer

Mary was so sweet during the months of planning and what was most charming was she made her dress and all of the bridal party attire for the day.  With her in the UK and Drew between the there the US the planning was tricky. It took many months to set the plans for this wedding. The event was hosted deep in the Adarondack’s in an unmarked location. In spite of starting the set up four weeks in advance, the spaces were finished just as guests were arriving from the church.

Working in remote areas has its challenges. To say the party was off the beaten path would be an understatement!  The weather was changing by the moment as the day got closer, that combined with an extremely remote location loaded one challenge after the next.

Without every member of the team in place I would be shocked to see anyone else pull it off. It is with great thanks to all involved to be able to say everything was exactly as it should have been. Looking back at the photos I am reminded that anything is possible.  Mary & Drew had a beautiful day and their guests were part of something i’m sure they will always remember…

Colors: Cream, Flesh, Pale Pink, Pale Green Mint

Style: Rustic Chic, Organic, Meadow Style, Whimsical

Flowers: Peony, Cabbage Roses, David Austin Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Phlox, Stephanotis, Deer Moss, Old Man’s Beard, Saw-Toothed Mint, Petite Succulents, Fiddle Head Fern, Angel Vine, Ivy

Renaissance Extras: Linen: Natural Burlap Linens, Bleached Burlap Linens, White Hemstitch Overlay, Hemp Hemstitch Runners, Ivory Hemstitch Napkins, Ivory Tea Towels, Satin Burlap, Clover Green Linen, Navy Blue Linen, Burlap, Mosquito Netting; Props: Pedestals, Faux Bois Tables, Paper Lanterns, Dark Woven Rattan Chargers, Taupe Edged Stoneware Chargers, Vintage Wine Case, Ivory Pierced Fruit Bowls, Floating Candle Vases, Twig Candle Holders, Grapevine Wreaths, Hanging Bubble Votives, Ceramic Lanterns, Wood and Wire Lanterns, Urns, Torches; Fresh Product: Assorted Trees and shrubs, Garland, Wreaths, Pomanders; Rentals: Farm Tables, Farm Chairs, Tent, Barcelona Lights, LED Lighting, Pinspots, Draping

Congratulations Mary & Drew!

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