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Jamaica Rose Hall Photo Shoot - Destination Weddings


Photo Shoots are always fun because you can play all day and be creative. Most often we find out the ideas of the client and then load up our trucks and haul out… It’s a blast because there are no rules, and it’s always fun to work with the pros when the pressure of a wedding is off. I usually bring way more than I could possibly need and pick and choose as I like. I’m so lucky to have the chance to do lots of them, but destination shoots are always the best


Lisa Light (Miss Lisa) had been hired by the resort to set up a photo shoot to help show off the property. Lisa grabbed me to do the design and Corbin Gurkin (Miss Corbin) to shoot the pics.  I had a few linens in my bag and a couple of little items from my store, aside from that, a pair of clippers and a knife.

We had four days of shooting scheduled and the list was long, Not only for Rose Hall but for all the properties associated with the location. When I arrived at the wholesaler to pick up all the flowers and materials my mouth dropped. I sent Lisa a list of about 3,000 stems, and there in front of me sat two buckets of flowers. TWO! A few lillies, two bunches of orchids, and an assortment of 150 roses. Lisa and I were stunned because we had no idea we would be so short on product. She looked at me on the way back to the hotel and said, ” What are we going to do?” I said, “I’ll make it work.”

When we got back to the hotel, I asked the General Manager if I could have the keys to one of the large ATV’s, he hesitated for a second and said, “How can I help, Mr. David?” I explained that I had a tenth of what I needed and would have to be creative. I needed to go out and cut from the property. He looked at me, perplexed and a little worried, but tried not to show it (I swear, no matter what you ask for at one of these properties, they will never say no). Then he said “May I find a driver for you, and I will send him out to help you, will that work?” I responded ” Sure, does he have a machete?”… ” Yes Mr. David”

Off we went with not one cart but two. I would ask to stop; they would; I would cut bits and pieces here and there until we filled both ATVs. At the end of our foraging trip, I had them stop by two palm trees.  They were both about 30′ tall, they had beautiful seed stems, one with pale green seeds and the other with red and orange. The seeds (Palm Nuts) were way up in the top. I asked Michael, the driver I was with, if he could find me a ladder. He asked me to wait just a moment and off he went.  Within minutes, the GM of the hotel pulled up and said “”Mr. David, it will be a bit for us to bring the ladder. Why don’t we go inside and have a drink?” At this point, I could not argue. They were doing everything I asked and seemed happy to do it. When I finished my drink, and we walked out the main entrance, I could not believe my eyes. There were two bundles of Palm nuts, one green ,one orange and yellow. The GM said, “Will that do, Mr. David?” I said, “You tricked me so I would not climb up in the trees didn’t you?” He said “Yes Mr. David, I hope you don’t mind.”


The next morning I headed out of the lobby to start my day , there sat my very own cart, machete, and buckets!!!  I could not have been happier. I got to keep my cart for the whole time at Rose Hall and we had a blast. When finished with the shoot late Sunday night we actually got a standing ovation from all of the staff that had been working with us over the past five days.  Working away from home is always such a treat. Challenges come up that you don’t expect and you are forced to think out side of the box. This is something I highly recommend!


To the staff and management of Rose Hall Resort, The Great House, Cinnamon Hill Golf Club in Jamaica, Corbin Gurkin for shooting all the pics she sent to me, even though I lost the first batch (sorry Corbin). Lisa Light for trusting in me to give Rose Hall stunning images for their luxury wedding promotions, and for letting me be a part of this very fun ride.

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