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Ashley & Bill - Winter Wedding At The Canfield Casino


When Shannon Whitney introduced me to Ashley, I had no idea how fun the ride was going to be.  Ashley was a design force to be reckoned with, and I was up for the challenge.  Within minutes of the conversation, we had about 12 balls in the air. Ashley said “My ideal design would be a lovechild of Anthropology and CB2. A combination of modern and vintage whimsy”. With that said, I buckled down and stayed on course to one of the coolest wedding’s ever.


Start with clementines, sprinkle with chevron, and wrap it up in handmade wallpaper, and we were on our way to getting the design on for Ashley and Bill.   I used a combination of linens, cause its my thing:  our pique white linen and a very fun gunmetal sequin. The runner on the head table was a roll of handmade paper that the bride shipped to me. Keep in mind, if you ever want to do this for your wedding, you need to test the paper to make sure it will not watermark.

The flowers for the bridal bouquet were a real test of my abilities; most of the blooms I used were out of season. The real trick was getting the colors right. I had blooms checking in from around the world, but we still did not have the perfect blend. My alarm went off at 5:00am, and I was in and out of the New York flower market with bundles of what I needed.  Pretty sure I nailed it when I presented Ashley with her bouquet and that all too familiar squeal rang through the room! YAY!


Check out the yummy pics provided by Tracey Buyce to see how this design came together. Special thanks to Shannon Whitney of Wedding Planning Plus for setting me up with Ashley and her Mom who I had a blast with!  The crew at Mazzone for serving it up A team style. Make Me Fabulous for glamming everyone out. Phase One for rocking the house.  The crew at CliftonParkRental for the lighting and chairs. And of course my team of groo vy dudes who help me bring it home every time!

Congratulation Ashley & BIll! This one is going to be published over and over for sure!

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