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Galaxy Vase - Mint

We made the Galaxy Collection of ceramic flower vases so that each vase looks good on it’s own and when grouped together makes a great collection. The iridescent sheen of makes the vibrant reds and oranges and yellows pop and the vases themselves are a fun landing place for your flower buds. Perfect for running down an window sill as light shines off them beautifully. We purposely made them so they stand off-kilter and we absolutely adore these quirky little bud vases. Cheerful and the perfect size for Iris buds and other small flowers from the garden. They are an easy way to add color to any blank shelf or book case, and a summery collection for all your favorite cut flowers.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 1.5" diameter, 5.5" tall
  • Finish: Fully Glazed


As a special thank you, we would like to give you a darling MATCH1995 Pewter Neat Shot Glass a $48.00 value.

European Pewter and Italian Crystal, Made in Italy and 100% lead free.

Do a shot, Toothpicks, little bud vase, what ever you like there is nothing more charming than this little handmade Italian work of art.

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