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Michael Aram

Feather Tray Black

The image of a feather always conjures ideas of flight. weightlessness and gossamer movement. When we find them in nature. however. they are often deeply weathered and windswept. Michael Aram's Black Feather Collection celebrates the beauty that can remain in a ravaged object...dark. brooding. disheveled...yet somehow in tact and alive with sensuality. Each sculpture speaks of the life that came before we discovered it - where it has been. how high it has flown and the creatures that bore them. "I love feathers. Each one is completely different. like a fingerprint. glistening. wildly articulated. and full of movement. These feathers are a faithful yet exaggerated expression of the real thing. For me. they represent a sense of fragility that has a deep underpinning of strength and resilience. It's such a simple but potent form."

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