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Bronze Hoblin - Pod

Bronze Garden Sculpture by Julain Jeffrey. Every step in the lost wax process, from sculpting and molding the original through wax work and metal work to applying the final patina, is completed by the artist.


The thinker of the hoblins’ Pod is methodical, calm and the most relaxed of the family.

Nothing really bothers Pod as he sits on his leaf all day, thinking and watching the world go by. The animals are oblivious to his presence as he becomes one with nature.

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As a special thank you, we would like to give you a darling MATCH1995 Pewter Neat Shot Glass a $48.00 value.

European Pewter and Italian Crystal, Made in Italy and 100% lead free.

Do a shot, Toothpicks, little bud vase, what ever you like there is nothing more charming than this little handmade Italian work of art.


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All 20

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