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Tina & Saleem - Hall Of Springs Wedding


I met Tina and and Saleem over a year in advance of their wedding.  They made it clear from the beginning that their wedding was going to be different from the usual sit down dinner. They wanted to create a fun and lively atmosphere for their friends and family to celebrate in a less than traditional way.


My job was to take the historic Hall of Springs and layout a room that would keep the party crowd on the dance floor. Sounds easy but,  I also had to make sure the more reserved group would have prime seats to the show! I had sent two different diagrams to Kevin at the HOS after several meetings with the couple.  I brought Kevin into the mix because this was a station wedding (food stations, buffet style).  We had to make sure the guests would be able to access all the great fare Tina and Saleem had selected for them without interrupting the high energy club style event that this couple wanted for their celebration. They had options:  more club less tables, or, more tables less club… They went with more club!


While building out the room, the couple and I selected a white dance floor as the main attraction.  I worked out a custom designed table as well: skinny, long and tall for high bar stools to surround the dance floor mixed with high and low cafe tables. Sections of lounge seating  were added to give the swag they were looking for.  They used a lower drape to hug the lounge area instead of the standard tall drape we usually use in the room. I had also suggested specialty lighting, and Tina’s love of candles came into play, too.


Gray, white, cream, purple, and lavender were the colors Tina selected.  Her only must have for flowers were tulips. We ran with that and built it out Renaissance style with lots of exotic tulips from Holland and some of spring’s finest. We kept the bud vases simple on the tall tables and pumped up the bloom count for the larger bouquets and the personal flowers. Tina had purple and tulips the two high priorities for the day. I had texted her pictures as we were making them up and she texted back… PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!


Tiffany Wayne for the great images, Greg Frasier for the music, Total Events for the rentals, and the Mazzone Group for taking our plan and executing it for this awesome couple.

Tina & Saleem, Congratulations!! Thank you so much for letting Renaissance be a part of your day. You both looked awesome sticking to the boot camp routine!


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