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Niki & Chris - Inn At Erlowest Wedding


After we released our new website on July 11 of 2011, Niki was the very first future bride to contact us! I was so excited when I met her I gave her a present for being #1. Ten minutes into my first meeting with this couple, I loved both of them, and I was not alone. Everyone involved with this wedding was so excited to have a  part in making it happen. All of us had been talking about it for months, and we could not wait until the time came to give them our all. I had five meetings with them. Each one was a blast because we were having such a great time figuring out just how to make their day perfect.

I had two weddings that day. I knew everything would be perfect at Erlowest for Niki and Chris because we had planned out every detail and got an early start the day before setting the linens, lighting, chairs and props. This dream couple knew I would not be there during set up because the other wedding was so challenging. I promised Niki and Chris I would be there on their wedding day to congratulate them even if it was at the end of the night. As it turns out, the other wedding that day had a lot of issues due to the drastic change in weather. We had the perfect rain plan ready to go, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not allowed to execute it. As a result I did not leave that wedding until 3:30 am. Chris had been texting me on and off all night saying how ecstatic he and Niki were with every detail. I never made it to Erlowest that night and as much as it still bothers me,  I know their day was absolutely perfect which is what matters the most.


We had a few different directions on the table in the beginning, but we ended up circling back to old world elegance. We pimped out the room like a Great Gatsby, old Hollywood movie styling. We lit the room to highlight all the details. We tweaked every inch with our linens, napkins, candles, cut crystal pedestals, signature Alice chairs for the couple, custom holders for the girls’ bouquets, and yards and yards of vintage chandelier chain to get the perfect vibe for this stunning couple.


Niki and Chris, I’m so grateful to have been a part of your day. Thanks to Erin at Erlowest for working so hard with me to make sure all the room details were just right. My boys at CPRC for lighting the room, and the gold charivari chairs. Shannon Whitney for coordinating the wedding day and putting me at ease knowing I would not be there in person. To my staff, especially Michael, who were my eyes and ears that day making sure it would be exactly as if I was there myself. Tracey Buyce for providing all the images in this post, and capturing the great details and incredible shots of the couple and their families.  The New York Players for getting everyone’s groove on.  Alissa Greaf the groom’s sister of  Greafic designs for all the stationary, printed materials, and even the favors.


Congratulations, Niki & Chris!


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