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Marika & Paul - Early October

What can I say? I loved creating this wedding. Marika and Paul were so great to work with. They gave me ideas and let me bounce with it. I could not help but go the extra mile. Everything on this wedding was a custom design. From table lamps, dance-floor, linens, overlays, debut of a brand new escort card layout, and left-align menu cards, to ghostwood meets lily of the valley. Yeh, it was October and Marika carried lily-of-the-valley, because it’s her favorite. She wanted her flower and her favorite color, periwinkle, to be the foundation of the day, and we built from there.

I am so proud to list this as a featured event on my site. This design started on graph paper in my office. I knew there would be obstacles to bring it to life, but as you can see, it was perfect.

This was one of three weddings in a row on Columbus Day weekend at the Hall of Springs. I cannot thank the Hall of Springs and Clifton Park Rental Co. enough for all the help and support they provided to take these three-in-a-row to perfection. Each one unique, and specialized to the requests’ of our clients.

For Marika and Paul, I custom made each table lamp and all the linen for the event. The Pink Orange hooked up M+P with beautiful stationary, and did me a few favors along the way to make a couple of my ideas come to life as well.

Thank you Katie O for introducing me to M+P. Thanks to team FABULOUS for hair and make up, to Rebecca at The Pink Orange, to the tolerant crew of CPRC, to the Mazzone group for flavor, to Alisha from Clark and Walker for the images and to my crew.

For more details check the M+P Blog.

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