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Lexi & Stephen - The Lake George Club


Normally I don’t post any single piece from a wedding until the entire description is prepared: the story, the photos, the design details… That being said, last Saturday I prepared a wedding for the daughter of a friend of many years, “Maggie,” It seems like yesterday we were planning a Bat Mitzvah for her daughter. Fifteen years later, Maggie and I were back at it, getting ready to celebrate another milestone for that very same girl.  That13 year old girl I met many years ago walked down the aisle just a few days ago – a beautiful, brilliant, and talented young woman. Yes, Lexi was in on the design decisions this time. After all, apples do not fall far from trees.

So here it is! Thank you to Full Frame Cinema; Jeffery, Dave, and Nick for making the film. As usual I brought the A-Team, and they ROCKED it. Christine Wheat, Clifton Park Rental, Debbie Coye, Pya Siedner, My team at Renaissance. Looking forward to more from Rob Spring and the this story will continue to unfold! In the mean time here is a sneak peek of one of my most enjoyable days of the year.

Colors: White, Cream, Green, Blue, and Hints of Peach and Coral

Style: Soft, Adirondacks, Romantic, Organic

Flowers: Cabbage Roses, Moss, Peony, Birch, Vine, Dahlia, Amaryllis

Renaissance Extras: Linen: Western Gold Linen, Ruffled Cloth with Gold Stitching, Sandweb Overlay, Ivory Hemstitch Napkins Props: Baby Ferns, Barcelona Lights

Rentals: Fruitwood Chairs, Heating Units

Congratulations to Lexi & Stephen, and to my friend Maggie for a job well done!


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