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Lauryn & Joe - Spring Wedding Saratoga National


Lauryn and her mom cam to see us only a few weeks before her wedding. They had been working with another shop for months, meeting after meeting, and they just did not feel comfortable. The designer they were working with wasn’t able to grasp the vision they had in mind. I have no idea why because I sat there with dream clients in front of me! By the time they left they were totally relaxed.


Usually we start months in advance and develop ideas, but Lauryn and her mom came to the table needing help, with tons of fun things to work with, and with one color in mind…. PURPLE.  We decorated the church with the family’s favorite flowers – lilacs,  not easy to get as we were beyond the season, but we reached out to our French Canadian neighbors and made it happen. Lauren also wanted a unique bouquet for each of her eight attendants, organic but pretty. They had to be purple and lavender, and we nailed that, too.  Lauryn had wooden discs, she wanted to incorporate into the design and we loved working with them! Deep purples and a woodland vibe… At SNGC?  Oh yeah… it was on! This bride and her mom went from worry to WOW. I have to tell you it was a hard core weekend, but on Monday when I called the MOB and said ” Hi, it’s David at Renaissance” she said “I love you!!” We both laughed it up, and she could not thank me enough for saving the day, but I have to say, I was the one feeling blessed.


Niki Rossi did an incredible job capturing just how in love this couple is!!


To my friend Traci M. at  Saratoga National, for having the good sense to send this couple to me when they were having trouble. To the team at Matt Ramos for the gorgeous photos, to Niki Rossi, LOVE the video, Music Man Entertainment and TS Ensemble, and, finally, to my crew for another home run!

Congratulations Lauryn and Joe!

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