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Laura & Robby - Late September

I met Laura via phone last year. We chatted for about an hour and she gave me some ideas of what she would like. She had chosen a room that I think we know better than anyone in this area because we have designed so many beautiful events there. Laura wanted color and we gave it to her. I was a little worried it was maybe too much color. I loved the idea of bold color but I wanted to make sure she did as well. Thank heavens for smart phones! I made a sample arrangement and texted a picture of it to her. When we got the text back that said, “LOVE IT!” we were on the move.

I used our pearl shear overlays on the SNGC’s Linen and placed the arrangements in our signature mercury glass pedestal bowls. Laura had names printed up to go in our bling-ring frames for the tables. She also loved how we designed the DePaula wedding last year and went with the same layout. The head table was placed where the band usually sits. Laura and her mom arranged to have a dance floor moved to the center of the room so that guests could feel like they surrounded the dance floor instead of being on only one side of the room. This was another touch from the DePaula wedding. I love when brides take my ideas from other events and want the ideas applied in a different location. It is amazing to watch how a room can be changed by our design and the bride’s desires.

With Laura and Rob living in Boston, it was tricky getting together with their schedule and mine, but we made it happen, and she had her perfect “COLORFUL” wedding. I’d also like to point out that just because we are in the autumnal time of year, you don’t have to have yellow, orange, and red to make a room feel warm and rich.

Congratulations Laura and Rob!

Thank you to the staff of Saratoga National Golf Club and my friend, Lisa Light, who stepped in along with her daughter, Grace, to help me set this one up.

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