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Katie & Luis - Spring Wedding At Sratoga National Golf Club

Katie’s aunt gave me a call in early spring, “We have a wedding!” I was so excited because this would be the first wedding for her family in our area. We went to work very quickly. Within the week, I helped them find the perfect photographer, caterer, tent/rental company and planner.

Even though Katie has roots here, this was definitely a destination wedding. The bride and groom live in Kathmandu, Nepal and the majority of the guests had to travel many miles to make the occasion. The parents of the bride also live outside of the area. I was happy to connect Christine Wheat with them to ensure all the details were flowing.


After many meetings at the home where the event was to take place, we had everything lined up. On Wednesday before the wedding, the weather gave us a real twist to deal with. Massive amounts of rain and hail soaked the property so deep that the tents for the reception would have made a major mess on the delicate grounds of the estate where the event was to be held. Who does not love a challenge?!

Christine and I agreed to meet at the property on Thursday morning to discuss the options I had in mind, but I was not loving the choices because they would not have the same feel we had been planning all along. On my way to the meeting, I took a chance and called Traci Montinino of Saratoga National on her cell (God bless her for picking up the phone at 7:30 am). We figured out a plan to have cocktails and reception at SNGC with the tents and all the rentals we had planned on using at the original property.

By 1:00 pm, Christine and I were sitting down with the family. I gave them the good, but VERY unexpected, news that the logistics of the whole day had been changed within 72 hours before the wedding.



Thanks to the swift and skilled pros that I put in place months in advance, it rolled out with perfection. Everyone really pulled it together and I have to give a special “YOU ROCK” to Christine, Meredith and the rest of the CWEvents group for dealing with a massive amount of coordination changes.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all involved!

Congratulations, Katie and Luis! What a fun ride!

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