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Brooke & Ronan - Sagamore Hotel Wedding, Summer


The very first email I got from Brooke said, “I can definitely articulate what I like and don’t like, but I haven’t made any decisions yet…that’s why I’m coming to you!”  Brooke lives in Atlanta, and this was a destination wedding for most of the guests. They let us help them find the perfect vendors, gave us some guidelines on what they were looking for, then trusted us to do what we do best. Picture perfect was the result, and with our trusted Sagamore team members in play, the day was a dream come true.


At the last moment, Brooke requested we add more color.  The tones up to that point were very soft shades of washed colors, she wanted a little more pop than we had been talking about. The answer was the same as it always is: ” No problem!”


We used a collection of our vintage style props and linens and blended them with a few organic elements to keep a little organic in the mix of this old world wedding. The organic accessories embraced the feel of Lake George’s The Sagamore Hotel, while the crystal, glass, lighting, and fabric drapery we provided created the luxe, upscale feel Brooke was going for.


To the entire team of all-stars  SagamoreMatt RamosClifton Park RentalChristine WheatPhilip ColtartMartin D’Arce, and my crew at Renaissance.

Congratulations Brooke & Ronan!



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