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Betsy & Michael - Early October

This was the first of three in a row weddings we did at the Hall of Springs on Columbus day Weekend 2011. When Betsy came to my office, we had the usual introduction and talked about her wedding. The more she talked, the more I loved her. At the end of the meeting I said, “If you decide you would like to book me …” she said, “Stop right there, I knew you were doing my wedding before the ring went on my finger!” So yeh, I love her. She was so into her wedding, she had every detail ready to go. She and Mike worked with CPRC to get the set rolling and I came in at the end to finish it off. They even had a custom lounge created so there was a swank area for the crowd to hang during the Dance off after dinner was served.

We had our new pewter tulip stands made for this event. We covered all the tables in crushed pewter linen. Betsy insisted on having our Delano sofa for she and Mike to sit during their first dinner as man and wife. We added all the crystal chunks, crystal table number frames, aisle runner, dance floor — the whole shebang that made the room sing!

Congratulations, Betsy and Mike! Can’t wait to see more images from your photographer.

Special thanks to the Hall of Springs crew, my A-Team and CPRC. But mostly to Betsy, for being one of my all-time favorites!

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