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Amara & Matt - April Wedding At Canfield Casino

Uber Wedding Planner Christine Wheat introduced me to Amara and her family over a year ago. Let’s just say LOVE!!! Amara and her sister had me in stitches every time we met. Our last meeting was on a very wintery day. When Christine and I set up a little preview of what Amara’s wedding would look like, she let out a scream of delight. She had all of us cracking up. The day of the wedding was no different!

This was a custom-designed wedding right down to the ceremony style, linens, floral arrangements and the whole event was wrapped up with a send off in a KILLER vintage car that Amara’s dad re-built and customized. The weather was not working for us that day, but Tracy Buyce got stellar pics and Philip Coltart was filming away with stunning results. The Mansion was on hand to serve it up and my boys at CPR (Clifton Park Rental) were working it hard!


Christine, thank you so much for the introduction; I had a blast! Amara and Matt, Congratulations! Your wedding was off the crystal chandelier CHAIN!!! See more images from Tracey Buyce.

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