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Alison & Randi - Nipmoose Barn Wedding

We adore the property and crew of Nipmoose. They are always so helpful and eager to share their beautiful venue with couples who want to create a unique experience with family and friends. Randi & Alison wanted to keep thing simple and had everything ready to go except the flowers, which is where we stepped in.

Thank you Connie from the beautiful Historic Barns of Nipmoose for sending us these photos by Renee Merlino, and a big thank you to my team at Renaissance Floral Design – we get to work at some great places!

Colors: bright and vibrant – coral, purple, tangerine, bright white

Flowers: hydrangea, succulents, sea mist statice, interesting greens, herbs

Style: rustic, clean, chic, warm

Congratulations Randi & Alison!

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