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I get excited every morning when I get ready to go to work.  By the time I’m in my truck I have a list of 10 to dos, at the end of the driveway 15, as I pull in the parking lot about 30.  With so many levels of design and planning the list in my head always seems possible until the first phone call… then the whole plan shifts to priority mode.   My job is insane, always a list, a deadline, a fire that needs to be put out, or one that just won’t start.  It does get a bit overwhelming, but I love it! People tell me I am lucky and I believe thats true. I go into a wedding war and come out a hero without a scratch every time.

Last week I actually had a boss! It seemed like the pressure would be off and in a way it was. I still had to make the magic happen but it felt truly great to work an event and not be in the drivers seat.  Not that I am ready to be a passenger but it was a nice break during one of our most intense years of business.

Earlier this year I got a call from Lindsay Landman, of Lindsay Landman Events in NYC. She told me she was doing a wedding at the Sagamore and I had come highly recommended for the location.  Lindsay is an event producer. She meets with the client, coordinates the day and designs the event around the clients desire. Normally she would use her own people in NYC but because she was so far from home she asked me if I would create the flowers and use my connections to manage the rentals and lighting for her event.  I was very excited to do it! I have not had a ” Boss” in years, Lindsay was gentle with me but also kept me in check during the whole process.

You may think, “Wow nice gig for her, is all she had to do was hire David.” Not the case…  Lindsay and her assistants worked like crazy to make it all happen and that they did. Not to mention “I am not easy to work with!” You can see from my pictures that this event had a new flavor, it was nautical but romantic, modern but traditional. I loved all the little details she created. When I see other designers work I usually pick it apart and get irritated. On this event I was very impressed and I have to say, “I even learned a few tricks.”

Lindsay thank you so much for bringing me in on this. I loved working with you and your team on the day of the event and I am so glad your clients were thrilled. I swear if you ever need me again I will behave and read the spreadsheet.

Thank you Lindsay, CPRC, Dawn at the Sagamore Hotel, and my team for bringing it.

For more Images of this event check out Trish & Rick in events


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