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Stephanie & Eric // Late July

LOVED working with Stephanie and her mom! Adding a bit of family history to an event always makes me happy. That gold medallion on the handle of the bride’s bouquet is something very special.

Stephs grandfather collected “loot” while on family vacations. With his metal detector, he would find bits and pieces of “treasures” on the beach, and ended up gathering enough to make a solid-gold medallion and chain for each of his grand children. Because the family vacationed in a popular spot for honeymooners, Grandpa would often be asked by newlyweds to search for a lost wedding bands or rings. His response: “Only if you give me a dollar for each of my grandchildrens college fund if I find it.” Needless to say, the kids had a nice cushion for their tuition.

Congrats Steph and Eric. I loved every minute of it. Please tell Uncle Angelo the homemade wine was awesome!!!.

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