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Shanna & Scott // June Wedding At The Sagamore

Meeting with a client

You can tell a lot in the first meeting how things will go with a client. When you’re on the phone it’s not as easy, which is how I met Shanna. I told her I had another wedding already booked that day and was committed to be on site for the entire event. She was not thrilled with that but my reputation and response to her questions gave her the confidence to move forward. I promised her everything would be perfect.

Building the Design

Two meetings later I was feeling the pressure. This was not going to be my average beautiful wedding at the Sagamore. This was going to be a stellar event that is guaranteed to blow up the pinterest boards and reset the bar for Sagamore Hotel Weddings! Detail after detail, they just kept coming together and I was wishing this wedding would be any day other than June 30, 2012… It was killing me. I was not going to be there to do everything myself.

After meeting #5… I was beside myself with angst, not because I could not handle it but because my eyes were not in the room during set up. I knew I had all the details perfect. I had linens coming from five vendors, half of which were custom made. I imported French bistro chairs for the head table and all new chandeliers for this event that are now part of our huge inventory of goodies for Renaissance Floral Design events.

My Dream Team

I worked very closely with my boys at CPRC to make sure the room was flawless; draped to perfection, lit with precision on every table, and the perfect blend of blush to illuminate the room. Shannon Whitney was the planner for the day and did an awesome job! I booked the video team of Full Frame Cinema for this event, the first of many dates we will be working together this year. Check out the Same Day Edit that played at the end of the reception. Pya Seidner as always landed her artistic flair with the escort table, mirrors with the guest names in white ink, and unique table numbers! YUM! I also added some new furniture from my friends at Total Event. Not even out of the wrapper yet, but Shanna saw it… she had to have it! Amy Elizabeth was there to make sure the girls had the perfect glow, she is such a talented make up artist! The New York Players were also there bringing the funk! When I walked in at 8:30 they were jamming and the dance floor was packed!

Unleashing Mini Me

It was two weeks before the wedding and I called in the big guns, or as I like to call her ” Mini Me” (a twin of sorts with the addition of texas hair, a southern accent, and her own version of southern charm) Angela Young Proffitt. With her and Michael in control of my design, I knew the hundreds of details we had been working on for months would be perfect. She is the wedding planner/designer I worked with on the Winter Wedding that turned Upstate NY into the perfect place to host a celebrity wedding this past January.

Shanna and Scott, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your day. I will never ever forget when I walked into the room and Shanna gave the welcome dance… and then molested me!!! Congratulations can’t wait to see you both !

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