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Some days I get lucky. The day I met Marika and Paul was one of them.

The first meeting was good. Really good! We chatted. I got a feel for them, they got a taste of me. By the second meeting we were on fi-yahh! It all came together when I drew The Sketch. I’d been toying with an idea for months, and these two were game to play. Marika and Paul were all about a cool dinner party that would represent who they are as a couple. They love nature, the ocean, Upstate NY, as well as the daily treats of life in NYC.

I envisioned a lamp on a table … not the cheesy-spandex-wrapped-around-plexiglass-with-a-C-battery-shoved-in-the-middle-LED lamp … normally associated with this type of look, but a real lamp. One with a linen shade resting on a driftwood-style branch with flowers all around the base. Seriously. It took months of looking, searching and planning to build it just right. I wanted this couple to have an event filled with many new ideas that captured their personalities and set their event apart from the rest.

I worked with Rebecca at Pink Orange on the escort table. The cards had to hang so they would stay on, be in the correct order and in a readable position — not usually the florist’s job, but I wanted it perfect. I punched every hole, threaded every ribbon with a pre-tied slip knot. Transported all the parts to the hall to assemble on site … it was perfect. With the HOS staff  assisting guests with the new concept, it went off with out a hitch. My boys at CPRC and I set the tree on a table with wheels so as the couple was announced the tree glided off to the side with a willow-in-the-wind movement as the couple stepped into the spot light for their first dance.

Rebecca also helped get the Design On for M+P by helping me spin the dance-floor duo-gram with a “+” as in 1+1=2. One last little print detail was the left-align menu that Rebecca came up with. We both loved the idea so I created a new napkin fold to make it work just right.  Notice how perfectly in fits in the center of the glass charger at each place setting.

The overlays for the tables were made in Chicago and were full rounds as opposed to the usual square ones. The head table had a custom cloth that was prepared the week of the event by my seamstress.
Soooo … add months of planning, a great couple, awesome supporting vendors, and overcoming constant hurdles to find just the right piece for each element of this design puzzle …  Design On!

Special thanks on this one to my carpenter, Henry. He was in my garage for weeks!  Four crates of ghostwood, shipped from California, custom ordered for the lamp supports just did not work … not even close … but Henry (God bless him) cut, sanded, attached, leveled, and rebuilt every trunk to hold each shade.

Thank you Katie O for introducing me to this couple, to Rebecca Ashby, owner and creative genius behind The Pink Orange (I was a lot of work), my boys  at CPRC for sticking with me all weekend, and to the amazing staff and management at Hall Of Springs. As always, thanks to my crew, who always make me look like I know what I’m doing!

Could not have done it without all your faith M+P.

Thank you all for reading and leaving those comments!

For more event details and my pics, check out Marika & Paul.

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