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Getting Your Design On! // Cows

So, if you read the blog and the event post for Lindsey & Justin, you know about the drama of getting this one to unfold. To be honest, this was and will always be, one of my favorite weddings. “What’s up with the cows?”

Kind of a little joke in the beginning. Lindsey saw the black and white cows behind my store as she and her mom were on their way in to meet with me. I was trying to get into Lindsey’s head to figure out what makes her clock chime and I discovered two things: 1) Lily Pulitzer, and 2) the wedding scene at the end of Nanny McPhee when everyone looked like Little Bo Peep with her lambs painted pink and green.  As we were chatting, Lindsey burst out with “I know!  What if you painted the cows pink and green!?” Her mother, Linda, looked at her with that look only a mother can give, and said, “Are you nuts?” We all laughed at the time, but after they left, I could not get the thought out of my head.

I looked at the cows everyday for months and said to myself, “Just do it!” Sitting in the parking lot, engine running, I pulled out my iPhone to check the weather forecast; nothing but rain with the wedding five days away. I sent a text to Linda (MOB) on the way home …”Can I Do the cows?”… She replied … “Do I have to pay for them?” …  I replied … ” Never mind :(” … I took that as a yes. But, I knew I was on my own in getting it done, on my own time, and on my dollar. However, I was not going to tell them about it just in case I could not make it happen. I like a little surprise for my people. Pulling this one off would be a real trick … even for me. The family was so great during the entire process and I felt they deserved a treat. So here are some crappy iPhone pics to show how Daisy and Lola got their Design On.  Keep in mind this all took place in wee hours of the morning, during the week of the event.  These girls required a make over to go to Lindsey’s and Justin’s wedding. Did I have to do it? … NO! But, I would do it again in a heartbeat just to see the look on Lindsey’s and her mom’s face when they saw Daisy and Lola.

To see the event as it unfolded, check out L&J.

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