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I have always wanted to be an artist like my papaw, I struggled with mediums until I found photography at age 15. My subjects have changed as I have changed; mirroring my journey. After moving on from weddings in 2017, I have found a renewed passion to document family life. Real, uncensored, fun, adventurous, serious and silly moments that make us...us. 

I am also eager to share my love of nature. My connection to nature makes me whole and I find I desperately need to breathe in the air, watch a leaf move on the wind, sit absolutely still for as long as I can and hear the birds to find my center. I hope to share a bit of that feeling with my work. 

I am on the move, and though I call Kentucky home, I am often back in Chicago to work with the families that have chosen me to document their family since it began. 






Vrai (vr-ay) means true or real in french. This is the theme of my photography studio. I specialize in capturing the true you, living and loving your real life. Real people, real moments.










Wandering from Kentucky to Chicago

Email: info@vraiphoto.com

Phone: +1 630 400 2213










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