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All of our wedding films feature our chic cinema verité shooting style and our years of experience as award-winning screenwriters, narrative filmmakers and expert editors to tell your unique story like no one else can.

While other event videos might specialize in a vintage Super 8 or modern look, we love both, and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the most stunning versions of either. With us, you can choose your look, but if you love both, we can combine the two styles to create a magical mix that can make your event film stay exciting and truly shine. “On set”, we try to be as non-invasive as can be, using our small, state-of-the-art HD cameras and lenses in a way that does not require that old blinding light you’ve often seen at events.

Simply put, ours is a revolution in event filmmaking.






Our boutique studio of still photographers shares the same vision as our cinematographers (some do both), employing a “best-of-breed” mix of photojournalist and editorial styles, and digital and film formats. While there are many extremely talented still photographers around the country (not in our studio) that we adore working with (and would be thrilled to recommend to you), we also love to shoot both stills and films at an event so we can define a unified artistic look for your event media, put all your media galleries in one easy-to-use web space and most of all, create harmonious synergy between photo and video. If you would like to see more extensive portfolios of any of our studio’s photographers, or would like other recommendations, please email us at info@hartpictures.com.









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