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Gerilyn & David - August Wedding At The Canfield Casino


Upstate NY has some of the most fabulous rooms in the state. When the bones of your space are perfection, you can create a beautiful day with a simple but well thought out design.


The flowers for the ceremony were placed at the entrance to the aisle for guests to enjoy and to frame the bride as she entered the room. They were later moved to the crystal towers on the head table. Our dark wood Chuppah with lace canopy was perfect for the ceremony. The tables had a vintage charm. Arrangements in soft pastel tones were perfect with our signature flapper lamps.


Even though Gerilyn and David were not living locally, we were able to make sure this couple had the perfect day. I am so fortunate to work with local couples, and even when they are from out of town, we make sure we rock it for them.

Thank you Gerilyn and David for being high on the list of favorite Renaissance couples for 2012. Congratulations!

A special shout out to Kimberly Jarman for the photos shown. Mansion Catering for the great service they provided. The New York Players for the entertainment. And, as always, to my staff for making sure everything was just as expected for our clients.

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