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Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday open till 6:00pm
Sunday Closed


1561 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
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tel: (518) 464-6002
fax: (518) 464-1561

Aly & Steven // Summer

I promised Aly almost ten years ago when I did her sister’s wedding that I would create a beautiful mood for her when she was ready. Aly and her mom were just so easy to work with. Aly picked everything she wanted with out hesitation and together we designed a beautiful event. Everything we provided made the room unique and special from the linens, flowers, candles, crystals, table # frames’ charivari chairs and the runner for the aisle. It had been a while since I worked at Franklin Plaza and they have made some big changes. They added an LED light system for the rooms that can wash the entire space in any color you want. The Team at FP is awesome to work with and with MIchael Galletelli of Metroland photo behind the lens it was just like old times!.

Thank you everyone who helped on this event. Aly, thank you, I loved every second of the planning and execution of your wedding.

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